song ideas

Possible music for when the wedding party and/or bride walk in:

Note: we can choose any section or sections of any of these tunes, and loop them or time them according to the situation.

Vino y Oro – Accordion would add nice ambience
Starlings (aka The Barn Swallow) – Accordion would add tasteful ambience
mystical tune in Bm – accordion would add existentially appropriate ambience and textures…

Link to “Oblivion” video on Facebook:

Alguien Le Dice – melody starts at 0:41 seconds

Possible music for kiss and celebratory exit from the stage:

El Choclo – This melody would be played on accordion, but similar vibe minus the drums.

I forget what this tune is called at the moment, but it’s peppy! The melody starts around 0:08 seconds: